Chinese toilet revolution continues to "lead" and refresh "Chinese speed"

Chinese toilet revolution continues to "lead" and refresh "Chinese speed"

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Jinjinnongjiale and more than 20000 key rural tourism villages have effectively promoted the comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, driven the revolution of rural life style, and become an important part of the construction of beautiful China, beautiful countryside and clean and beautiful home.
In the past three years since the implementation of the 515 strategy, the development of the national toilet revolution has repeatedly proved that only by making great efforts to do good things in a practical and practical way can we solve people's worries and relieve people's difficulties in a down-to-earth way, so that the development results can better benefit the people.
From 2018 to 2020, the toilet revolution will usher in the new three years. At that time, a total of 64000 tourist toilets will be built in China, including 47000 new ones and 17000 new ones, an increase of 7000 over the previous three-year plan, according to the head of the National Tourism Administration. In the new three-year plan, the National Tourism Administration will strive to promote the rational layout of toilets among regions and between urban and rural areas, improve the quality of toilets, improve the management system of toilets, promote the application of toilet science and technology, improve the level of toilet civilization, and achieve the new three-year goal of "sufficient quantity, reasonable distribution, effective management, in place service, environmental protection and sanitation, toilet civilization".
"Li" and "mian" push Chinese civilization to the world
"I can't understand that we can send rockets to Mars and the moon, but we can't repair a toilet and stop the local defecation in this country," Kumar, a famous Indian actor, said in an interview with reporters
Kumar's insights come from his Indian film toilet: a love story. The film tells of Keshav, a villager living in a remote area, who married an educated woman. Although his wife loved Keshav, she couldn't bear to wait until dawn every day to go to the wild with other women in the village, so she proposed to separate.
In sharp contrast, since the "toilet revolution" was launched in China, it has led the construction of urban and rural public service system and become a significant symbolic action in the field of public service in China. From China to the world, this profound revolution reflects the bold exploration and fruitful results of comprehensively deepening the reform of China's tourism industry, and provides a vivid sample for developing countries to solve such livelihood problems.
At the 22nd session of the general assembly of the World Tourism Organization held in September, guests from all over the world praised and spoke highly of China's toilet revolution.
Kaisali, relevant director of the Ministry of tourism and environment of Congo (Brazzaville), believes that for tourists, not only to enjoy beautiful scenery and get fresh experience, but also to meet the basic physiological needs including toilet, which is one of the basic factors related to the satisfaction of tourists. "China is clearly aware of this problem and is really moving forward."
"When I first came to China in the early 1990s, the environment of toilets, especially the internal environment, was really unacceptable; now I am very satisfied with the environment of toilets in China," said Francisco frangali, former Secretary General of the world tourism organization He believes that it is a very correct decision for China to vigorously promote the toilet revolution, which is very important for tourists, especially international tourists' travel experience.
Bangladesh's ambassador to Spain also "heard about" the Chinese toilet revolution. "He said:" this is a very good measure taken by the Chinese government, but also a very popular measure. The toilet revolution can greatly improve the comfort and convenience of tourists during the tour. "
Tang Kun, Minister of tourism of Cambodia, who came to China earlier to attend the 2017 Xi'an Silk Road International Tourism Expo, praised the Chinese toilet revolution. He said that China's toilet revolution has a great influence in the world, and that Cambodia will come to China to learn from the successful experience of the toilet revolution.
In the past three years, the toilet revolution, a major action in the field of Chinese people's livelihood, has benefited hundreds of millions of people, and its positive influence in the world is even more unexpected. China's toilet revolution has become a window to show China's image and tell a good story of China. It has provided China's solutions and contributed China's samples for the world, especially for developing countries.
——200 cities. Since the toilet revolution, 200 advanced cities have sprung up in China, covering most provinces (districts and cities). These cities have made remarkable achievements and rich experience in the toilet revolution, and played a leading role in demonstrating other cities.
——10000 volunteers. The National Tourism Administration has recruited 10000 tourism practitioners, college students, enthusiastic citizens and other volunteers throughout the country through the "public welfare publicity activities of toilet revolution", and regularly carried out toilet revolution publicity activities to improve the management and maintenance level of toilets and the public's awareness of toilet civilization.
In addition, the toilet revolution has gradually realized the overall layout from scenic spots to urban and rural areas: not only covering more than 3000 4A level scenic spots nationwide, but also gradually expanding from scenic spots to more than 370 key tourism cities nationwide, more than 500 national tourism demonstration areas, and more than 9200 national tourism demonstration areas
Build and share to maximize people's sense of gain
"If you don't have a well-off life, the toilet is a pile." For a long time, it is not only the common voice of tourists, but also the livelihood of the people. Its success is not only related to the vital interests of tourists, the overall quality and image of China's tourism, but also to the successful realization of a well-off society in an all-round way.
It is worth mentioning that in order to effectively solve the toilet problem of the group of tourists who need to be accompanied, the national tourism administration actively promoted 247 5A level scenic spots to set up the "third toilet" (family toilet) in an all-round way, and actively guided more than 3000 4A level scenic spots to set up the third toilet according to local conditions. By the end of this year, more than 600 third toilets will be built in 5A level scenic spots nationwide.
After nearly three years of practice, the common people have the most personal feelings.
"I didn't expect to come back to Jinggangshan every three years. The toilets in the scenic area are very different, clean and beautiful. There are also special seats for children." Mr. Huang, a Guangdong tourist who visited Jinggangshan for the second time, said frankly that if the "convenient" thing is not convenient, it really makes people have no fun. This holiday, I'm going to take my family to Jinggangshan for a tour. The whole family feel comfortable about the "high beauty value" and high-quality toilets here.
Wang Jianan, the leader of the team who has worked for 17 years, said frankly, "the toilets in some places in the early years were really" three jumps with a surprise ". In some areas, even" men left and women right ". It's a joke. It's hard to look back. In recent years, the National Tourism Administration has carried out the toilet revolution, and the improvement results are very significant. In the process of taking the group, it is obvious that there are fewer and fewer complaints from the guests about the toilet. "
"Toilet revolution" has become a hot word of the whole society. According to the analysis of big data on the Internet and the national tourist evaluation survey of tourist toilets, more than 85% of the respondents have heard of the "toilet revolution", and more than 80% of the respondents feel the obvious changes brought about by the "toilet revolution". The satisfaction of the people and tourists to the toilets has been greatly improved, which has increased by 10 percentage points in two years, reaching more than 80%, and has driven the overall tourism satisfaction promote.
The netizen pigeon wrote, "the toilet civilization represents the civilization of a city and a scenic spot, and the toilet image represents the image of a city and a scenic spot. Since the National Tourism Administration launched the toilet revolution in 2015, the toilet software and hardware facilities in all parts of the country, especially in all scenic spots, have been significantly improved, providing more convenience for foreign tourists, at the same time, it has also improved the satisfaction of tourists and solved the problem of tourism The guest's worries and praise for this decision-making of the country are really warm in details. "
"One millet in spring and ten thousand in autumn." In the full swing of the toilet revolution, the majority of tourists feel the change and enjoy the results. In the context of global tourism, it is expected that the toilet revolution will adhere to the shared development, pursue everyone's enjoyment, and advocate everyone's participation, so that everyone can contribute to the toilet revolution. The toilet revolution is always on the way, and the improvement of civilized behavior will not have an end. (Phoenix Tourism)
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More than 68000 tourist toilets have been built nationwide, and the three-year plan for the toilet revolution has been completed five months in advance, with more than 20 billion yuan of supporting funds arranged by all regions. The toilet demand of 4.4 billion Chinese and foreign tourists has been basically met
In the past three years, the National Tourism Administration and the whole industry have thoroughly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Starting from the most urgent practical needs of the people, starting from the most prominent weak links in the tourism industry, the three-year action plan for the toilet revolution has been vigorously implemented to promote the toilet revolution inside and outside the scenic spot, throughout the urban and rural corners, sweeping the land of Shenzhou. As Li Jinzao, director of the National Tourism Administration, said, "toilet is an important window of civilization, an essential basic element in the process of tourism, and an important embodiment of the level of civilization of a country and region." Today, although the number of toilets is large, the environment for toilet use is good, and the international influence is great But the revolutionary cause will continue.
The National Tourism Administration has made it clear that it will launch the new three year action plan for the construction and management of national tourist toilets (2018-2020), and plans to build another 64000 tourist toilets, continue to "lead" the public tourism services, refresh "China's speed", and achieve the new three-year goal of "sufficient number, reasonable distribution, effective management, in place service, environmental protection and sanitation, toilet civilization".
"Three years" and "three years" will benefit the people to the end
As for "toilet revolution", 2015 is destined to be remembered.
At the beginning of 2015, at the national tourism work conference, the National Tourism Administration deployed to carry out the National Tourism toilet construction and management action, and on the first day of work in the Spring Festival, organized and held the National Tourism toilet work site meeting in Guilin, Guangxi, which made a loud voice of "tourism to develop, toilet to revolution".
On April 6, the National Tourism Administration formulated the three-year action plan for the construction and management of national tourism toilets. It is proposed in the plan that from 2015 to 2017, through policy guidance, financial subsidies, standards and specifications, 57000 tourist toilets will be built, reconstructed and expanded nationwide in three years, including 33000 new toilets and 24000 reconstructed and expanded toilets, so as to achieve the goal of "sufficient quantity, clean and tasteless, practical and free of charge, and effective management".
In the past three years, the country has made solid progress in toilet construction and achieved remarkable results.
——68000. As of October 2017, 68000 tourist toilets have been newly rebuilt nationwide, and the three-year action plan for the toilet revolution (57000) has been overfulfilled in advance.
——More than 20 billion yuan. Since the toilet revolution, the National Tourism Development Fund has concentrated on the toilet revolution subsidies, with a total of 1.04 billion yuan allocated, and more than 20 billion yuan of supporting funds allocated by various regions, and increased the financial support to the central and western regions, rural areas and old revolutionary areas.