This environmentally friendly public toilet design is absolutely unique!

The appearance of the environmental protection public toilet room is designed in the shape of a "sailing boat". The toilet room is designed in a modern and simple manner, with personalized decorative accessories such as oars and helmets, combined with the overall style of the waterfront landscape belt of Tongjiajiang Ecological Tourism Resort. Create a new development pattern of "mountain, water, city, and garden", which is the inspiration for the appearance and modeling of public toilets that "delight in water, and choose mountains for beauty".

Walking Public Toilet -- Large Public Toilet Car Project in Zhangshu City Delivered for Use

At the end of April 2021, the bus type public toilet car was officially delivered by Cangzhou Tianrun to the Zhangshu City Environmental Health Management Office. The core of public toilets is to provide quick and convenient access for people to use the toilet. The public toilet car not only has all the functions of a public toilet, but also can move and leave at any time. The design fully considers the actual use needs of public toilet vehicles, as well as the subsequent cleaning and maintenance, and antifreeze insulation.

Mobile toilets that say "go" and "go"

Mobile toilets are no longer unfamiliar to the general public. Nowadays, it can be seen everywhere in various scenic spots, streets, and parks. The mobile toilet to be introduced below is not ordinary. The overall length of this mobile toilet has actually reached 15.3 meters, and this size can be easily lifted and moved, which is also very rare in China.
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