Message from the Chairman:


In the past ten years, Tianrun has kept abreast of the development of the times and has achieved hard-won achievements in the field of environmental protection. The company takes "mobile toilets, environmental protection facilities, metal carved panels" as the three pillars of the industry. Through the reasonable allocation and optimization of resources, Tianrun Environmental Protection has been at the forefront of the environmental protection industry in the toilet revolution and has obtained more than 20 patents. Won the national high-tech enterprise certification. At the same time, Tianrun Environmental Protection ushered in the most important part of the company's transformation process-the new material revolution. Tianrun people will seize the opportunities and meet the challenges, and vigorously expand the market of series products with inorganic nanotechnology as the core, fireproof and anticorrosive coatings, new insulation materials, paints, etc. The major strategic cooperative enterprises have joined forces to truly achieve the development goal of "joining the army and turning the army into the people." Tianrun people will continue to be a leader, adhering to the concept of "taking science and technology as a guide, seeking innovation and development, surviving on quality, treating customers with integrity, and returning to the country with a heart," and the idea of ​​"excellent quality and shared beauty" , Among the tide of the two industrial revolutions. Keeping the trust of customers, employees, shareholders and society, we strive to better serve the society and the public in the environmental toilet revolution and new material revolution.


Chairman: Yang Qingjie