Have you ever seen "the third bathroom"? The future will be standard

Have you ever seen "the third bathroom"? The future will be standard

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Toilets are divided into men and women, as we all know. But have you ever heard of "the third bathroom"? Recently, at the 2017 national toilet revolution work site meeting, the National Tourism Administration introduced that all 5A level scenic spots in China will be equipped with "the third toilet" this year. What's going on?


What is the third bathroom?
"The third toilet" can be simply understood as "family toilet". When family members of different genders go out together, one of them cannot take care of his own actions, and will encounter embarrassment in going to the toilet.
"The third toilet" is to solve the problem of inconvenient toilet for some special objects. It mainly refers to the situation that the daughter assists the old father, the son assists the old mother, the mother assists the little boy and the father assists the little girl. The construction of "the third toilet" will help to improve the public service facilities for tourism and embody the humanistic care of "toilet revolution".
Xue Yaping, spokesman of the National Tourism Administration, said that when a family travels to different genders, it is not convenient for you to go to the men's toilet or the women's toilet, but a third space, also called the family toilet. In addition, it can also be used by both mothers and infants like disabled people.
What does the third bathroom look like?
1. The door, toilet, safety grab, hand wash basin, clothes hook, call button and other facilities shall comply with the current national standard code for accessibility design gb50763.
2. The location should be close to the entrance of the public toilet, and it should be convenient for the people who are inconvenient to enter. The turning diameter of the wheelchair should not be less than 1.60m.
3. The internal facilities shall include adult toilet, child toilet, child urinal, adult wash basin, child wash basin, multifunctional platform with baby platform function, child safety seat, safety grab bar, clothes hook and pager.
△ the third bathroom is equipped with a baby care desk and a baby safety chair.
4. The use area should not be less than 6.5m2.
5. The ground shall be antiskid and free from water.
6. Multi function platform and child safety seat should be foldable, and the height of child safety seat from the ground should be 300 mm
This year's 5A level scenic spot will be equipped with "the third toilet"
At present, the number of A-level scenic spots in China has exceeded 9000, including 227 5A level scenic spots. The National Tourism Administration requires that "the third toilet" be fully covered in 5A level scenic spots first. For scenic spots that fail to complete the construction of "the third toilet" within this year, the National Tourism Administration will make rectification, notification, criticism and even delisting within a time limit according to the circumstances.
Expert: the third bathroom is the humanized care for the personalized needs of tourists
Experts said that the gradual popularity of the third bathroom reflects the personalized care of tourists in the scenic spot. Different from the "five-star public toilets" which has been hotly discussed before, "the third toilet" focuses on solving the practical problems that parents may face when they take their children out alone, or the actual needs of the elderly and disabled people who need hard care. It can also protect the privacy of some disabled people when they go to the toilet.