China toilet revolution symposium held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province

On May 24, the China toilet revolution seminar sponsored by the National Tourism Administration and the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. Liu Jinping, member of the Party group of the National Tourism Administration, Brian abergast, director of the water, sanitation and sanitation project of the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Shen Ruihua, founder of the world toilet organization attended the seminar and delivered speeches.
Liu Jinping said in his speech that tourism is a bridge to spread civilization, exchange culture and enhance friendship, and an important indicator of the improvement of people's living standards. Toilet is an essential basic element in the process of tourism and an important embodiment of the civilization level of a country and region. Since the beginning of 2015, China's tourism sector and relevant departments have set off a toilet revolution in the country. Over the past year, China's toilet revolution has progressed smoothly and achieved remarkable results. From this year on, while speeding up the construction of toilets and increasing the supply of toilets, we will strive to promote the implementation of toilet technology and management revolution, and constantly improve the level of toilet technology application and management service.
With the theme of "toilet technology revolution and management revolution", the seminar invited 4 local tourism department heads, 9 domestic experts and 6 foreign experts to respectively focus on "review of China's toilet revolution: practice, experience and effectiveness", "soul of toilet revolution: technology revolution and management revolution", "being independent and benefiting the world: China and foreign countries work together to promote the world's toilet revolution", etc Three topics were discussed.
The seminar reached the following three consensus: first, toilet technology progress is an important part of the toilet revolution. The toilet revolution is to arm toilets with scientific and technological achievements to make them more economical, more environmentally friendly, more convenient, more human, easier to maintain and more durable. It is necessary to explore and use new technologies and materials suitable for the characteristics of the region in accordance with local conditions, and to explore and solve the problems of ice latrines, dry latrines and solitary latrines in cold and dry areas of the plateau and areas with poor infrastructure. Second, toilet management innovation is an important guarantee of toilet revolution. The toilet revolution is to establish a sound toilet management system, to speed up the improvement of the mechanism of "managing toilets by business and supporting toilets by business", to increase investment attraction, to expand the market main body, to actively introduce professional management companies for management, to encourage enterprises and social groups to adopt toilets, and to constantly improve the service level of toilets. Third, China and foreign countries work together to promote the world toilet revolution. Toilet is not a personal issue, a regional issue, or even a national issue, but a livelihood demand of common concern to all mankind and the world.
"The Gates Foundation has been committed to providing health products and services to people in developing countries with innovative technologies and methods," said Brian abergast. China has great potential in this field. China has unique advantages in technology innovation and R & D, new town planning and construction, and new service mode exploration and promotion. I hope to promote the realization of the goal of "toilet revolution" in China through the seminar. We look forward to China's promotion of its advanced products, technologies and experience to the world and its contribution to addressing the health service needs of the world's poor. "
About 100 people attended the seminar, including heads of relevant departments and offices of National Tourism Administration, heads of bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, domestic and foreign toilet experts, heads of relevant enterprises, and heads of tourism (Committee) bureaus of all provinces and cities.