Building small toilets to improve people's livelihood - Wuqiao mobile toilet project

Recently, in Wuqiao Grand Canal Park, a number of beautiful and atmospheric mobile public toilets have always attracted the attention of the public. People who have experienced them can't help but praise: "the public toilets are really tall, the ground is clean, the air is fresh, there is no smell, and they are very convenient for the elderly and children." The elder sister who often dances in the square near the park said: "there are many people walking and dancing in the park every night, and the problem of going to the toilet has always been a headache. Now the park has built such a" luxurious "environmental protection toilet, which solves the headache of all the people. It's really a good thing for the convenience of the people.



The environmental toilet designed by Tianrun environmental protection for Wuqiao Grand Canal Park has been put into use. According to the star standard, on the basis of the supporting construction of men's and women's public toilets and management rooms, the supporting construction of the storage room, the third toilet and barrier free facilities has been added.