Do a good job in toilet

Cangzhou Tianrun, as the leader of environmental protection and ecological toilet brand, has always regarded promoting "toilet revolution" as a social responsibility. No matter in technology or the construction of environmental protection and ecological toilet, we have made great efforts.

Over the past 10 years, we have obtained many patents for quality, such as green plants, smiling flowers and fresh air.

It is the mission of improving people's toilet quality. Since its establishment, Tianrun has been working in the environmental protection and ecological toilet industry. It has established Yanjiao environmental protection and ecological toilet joint R & D practice base in cooperation with the microorganism research center, constantly increasing innovation in biological purification, energy conservation and emission reduction, resource recycling and other technologies, and launched the "microbial water recycling toilet" The research of "technology" makes the decomposed and purified water recycled, which can save a lot of water resources. It does not need to set drainage pipes, so as to make it odorless and pollution-free. It is a new technology, new process and new method in the world. It solves the problems of fecal treatment, odor removal and waste discharge, which is also applicable in water shortage, high cold and high altitude areas. The environmental protection and ecological toilet designed and produced by this technology has been awarded many patents.

Combined with the demand of the current market, Tianrun continues to polish the quality of its products, and one environmental protection and ecological model toilet is blooming all over the country: Tibet Everest base camp, Qinghai Nianbaoyuze scenic spot, Yunnan Dali Duxiu garden scenic spot, Wujiang mountain gorge scenic spot, Shanxi Fenghuang Mountain scenic spot, Guizhou Fanjing Mountain scenic spot, Hailuogou scenic spot, Inner Mongolia huyanglin, Aba Prefecture Guoba square, chengdesai Hanba scenic area, fairy farm scenic area, Zhenxiong Cultural Square, etc.

Small toilets promote great civilization, and they are related to the people's livelihood

In order to help the "toilet revolution", in various urban public service projects, Duolun International Music Festival, Inner Mongolia Kunqu City Chuangwei, Cangzhou international martial arts festival, etc., Cangzhou Tianrun provides ecological and environmental public toilets. Clean and tidy public toilets make people feel comfortable. They are either chic or equipped with gender free toilets, or with background music, WiFi, air conditioning and other intimate facilities. It is difficult to call them or not.

Save resources and reduce pollution

Green consumption, green shopping (reevaluate)

Reuse (reuse)

Recycle (recycle)

Protect nature, and all things coexist (rescue)