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The first environmental toilet of Everest base camp was built

Because it is the nearest village to Everest, about 30 kilometers. Now it's called "Tibetan folk culture tourism village". The houses of the village are scattered on the broad river beach. Large areas of barley and rape flowers give the village full of vitality, which makes it hard to imagine that it's dozens of kilometers away from Everest. Generally speaking, the houses are relatively old. Most of the courtyard walls are made of adobe. On the top of the walls are neatly stacked, thick, dry cow dung for burning. Primitive, simple and local. People living at the foot of Everest must be as holy as snow mountain. Every day, they benefit from the bath of Everest. The air can no longer be pure, the snow mountain can no longer be white, and the soul can no longer be devout. We have reason to believe that the mountains, the water, the air and the people here are not polluted. There was no noise in the village. It was surprisingly quiet. People who have lived in this land for generations, if not for the reason of Mount Everest, may have little contact with the outside world. During the peak season, many mountaineers and tourists from all over the world will go to the Everest base camp. Toileting is a trivial but necessary problem. Tianrun company has built an ecological green toilet in Bassong village, which uses foam blocking technology. The overall design of the toilet is full of Tibetan elements, which is consistent with the architectural style of the local residents. The urinal, floor and wall of the toilet are as clean as those of the hotel. The smell of burning incense in the toilet also changed the previous state of strong tolerance to stink. Choose leading automatic programming, full intelligent control, automatic control of flushing system, foaming system, exhaust system, lighting system, deodorization system, insulation system. Low failure rate, safe and stable operation of equipment, no need for professional protection in handling equipment, simple operation, intelligent and humanized. Using foam plugging instead of toilet flushing, fragrant foam cover the toilet bins, completely blocking the unpleasant smell. Dirt is not easy to infect the toilet, and does not attract flies. It provides excellent toilet environment for local residents and tourists.



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The first environmental toilet of Everest base camp was built

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