How insane are the toilets in Japan? You'll know after reading this

A few years ago, the media revealed that Japanese students have the habit of eating in the toilet. According to the survey, one in five Japanese students aged 20 or so had lunch in the toilet. Because they are afraid that someone will think they have no friends and are not gregarious when they eat, they are embarrassed to be bumped into by their classmates or colleagues, so they choose to eat in the concealed space of the toilet, thus deriving the word "bedchamber meal". Due to the prevalence of "toilet rice" in Japanese campus, some colleges and universities put up signs in the toilet: no eating in the toilet. Even so, the "bedtime meal" is still forbidden. Do you think it's strange to see this? How can anyone think of eating in the environment of toilet? It's too heavy, isn't it?



You may have to ask, why are Japanese toilets so clean? Even people are willing to eat, sleep and play games. But the Japanese have a different understanding of toilets, and made a lot of famous. The Japanese believe that there is a "toilet God" in the house, which can help people get rich. In fact, there is also a reason why the Japanese clean the environment-friendly toilets so clean. In the traditional Japanese culture, there is a god related to toilets, which is called "toilet God" by Japan. Toilet God ranks in the top 50 of Japan's 100000 gods. Around Japan, there are still some customs related to toilets. For example, pregnant women should often clean the toilet, which is believed by the people to produce beautiful children. In the Fukushima area, it is also a custom: on the 21st day after the birth of the child, grandma or grandmother should carry the baby that is not full moon to visit three neighbors in a row. After entering each house, in addition to showing the children to others, we should hold the children to the toilet of this house and put a 5 yuan coin on it. Please "toilet God" bless us. It is said that children will grow up healthily all their lives.



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