Quality assurance measures for mobile toilets

Quality assurance measures for mobile toilets

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Our company has passed IS09001-2000 quality management system certification. With the purpose of meeting customer requirements, according to the characteristics and requirements of each project, taking our company's quality management manual and its procedure documents as the program, we will establish a quality assurance system led by the project manager and strictly implement the project quality post responsibility system and project quality responsibility life-long system. Carry out detailed quality planning, establish a relatively complete quality assurance system in strict accordance with the quality standards and ISO9001-2000 system requirements, and ensure that the quality is in a traceable and controlled state. Strictly control and strengthen the management of the project quality according to the requirements of the technical engineer, and adopt advanced, reasonable and mature construction technology and process to ensure that the quality of the project meets the requirements of customers.



Establish the quality assurance system of the project manager department, implement the project manager responsibility system, and the project manager shall take full responsibility for the project quality.
Apply the process control of ISO9001-2000 quality management system to each process, do a good job in process inspection and construction test, and do a good job in data sorting and filing.
Strictly implement the national construction specifications and quality evaluation standards, conscientiously implement the construction organization design and technical measures, carefully operate and timely inspect to ensure that the requirements of the owner are met.
1. All personnel related to quality control in the project department have professional work experience and must work with certificates.
2. Implement construction process control on construction quality
3. Implement material control over the elements forming the engineering entity

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