Chinanet: toilet revolution, concerning people's livelihood

When it comes to the toilet revolution, it's estimated that many people don't know much about it. In fact, the so-called toilet revolution has existed in foreign countries, but it started later in China. Many years ago, I saw an article about the embarrassment caused by the sound in the toilet in Japan. When a music device is installed in the toilet, as long as the button is pressed at a convenient time, beautiful music will sound to cover up that sound. When I read the article, I just thought that people were very good. Now I think that's the "toilet revolution"?
Food, clothing, housing and transportation, food and drink, Lhasa, are the great plan of the people's livelihood. Maybe it's because the toilet is not elegant, but it's rarely mentioned. But with the progress of society and the development of economy, the lag of toilets can not be underestimated. In rural areas and tourist destinations, there are many criticisms, such as dirty toilets, poor toilets and difficulties in using them. In China's rural areas, "public toilets" are rarely seen, even if there are, they are extremely simple. Or straw fence, or a low wall, two boards, a big VAT. In rainy days, sewage flows across, and in sunny days, it stinks. And everywhere defecation is more common, used to.
Tourism is a good way to appreciate the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, visit places of interest and pleasant feelings. During the tour, no one can avoid going to the toilet. So the problem arises. It is often seen that in a few public toilets, men and women, old and young, are waiting in long lines, anxiously waiting for going to the toilet, with incessant resentment and abuse. More insistent, rushed to the shelter to solve. Such phenomena not only pollute the environment, reduce the quality of the people, but also go against the progress of social civilization.
Now there are many tall buildings in the city, and every family has its own toilet. When I think back to the era of living in bungalows, the problem of going to the toilet is very painful. At that time, dozens of households shared a toilet, with maggots everywhere, flies flying around, and extremely poor sanitation. What's more disturbing, especially in the morning when you rush to the toilet for convenience, is that there's no squat - and there are several waiting outside.
Fortunately, the "toilet revolution" has attracted great attention of the state. The relevant departments should do their best to solve the problems of people and tourism, further improve the quality of the people and enhance social civilization. The "national toilet revolution site meeting" held in Guangzhou in 2017 fully confirmed the determination and implementation of the party and the government to do a good job in "toilet revolution". Even General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to and is very concerned about the toilet revolution. He has stressed the importance of the toilet revolution on many occasions. He pointed out that it is a practical move to improve the quality of tourism to focus on the toilet revolution from a small point of view and from the practical point of view.
The toilet revolution is not only to improve the environment, solve the problems of people and tourism, but also related to the improvement of national quality, social civilization and the improvement of China's international image.
Thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and ten thousand trees spring ahead of the sick tree. Abandon the bad habits, improve the bad, make up for the shortcomings, firmly believe that through a "toilet revolution", will show a beautiful picture of ten thousand trees competing for spring. (author: Bi Ruixian) (from China National Tourism Network)