Baishan Jingyu traction mobile toilet installed in place

Before that, Cangzhou Tianrun environmental protection Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Cangzhou mobile toilets, sold two mobile toilets in Baishan, Jilin Province, to the public on the streets.
Then, how much do you know about the traction type environmental toilet? Today Cangzhou Tianrun takes you to analyze the traction type environmental protection toilet. This environmental protection toilet adopts fragrant foam plugging technology. The application of human body induction, according to the proportion of automatic foaming liquid, automatic control of the amount of foaming, to achieve automatic replenishment, continuous uniform and stable foaming. At the same time, foam does not overflow the toilet. Foaming agent is biodegradable and harmless to human body and environment. How to solve the pollution of the traction toilet? The bottom of the traction type mobile toilet is provided with a manure storage tank, which has an automatic alarm function, and when the tank is full, it will automatically alarm and prompt the management personnel. Located in Jingyu Street, this mobile toilet is highly praised by Jingyu citizens.