Environmental protection mobile toilet keeps you from suffering during the golden week of "11"

During the golden week of national day, traveling has become a leisure way for many office workers to relax. Although before the festival, the Forbidden City, Jiuzhaigou and many other domestic scenic spots issued a notice to remind tourists to travel rationally. Some scenic spots even cancel the on-site ticket sales during the "11th" period, but still can not block the enthusiasm of the majority of tourists. This year's mid autumn National Day is linked together, and the implementation of the policy of free passage of national highway minibuses adds to the festival atmosphere. The growth of passenger flow in popular tourist attractions is large, and the surrounding roads are prone to congestion. Traveling to visit relatives and travel by car has become the first choice for most people. Tourism is a matter of leisure and enjoyment, but it may not be so easy for many people to focus on the same time. Traveling becomes like suffering, especially the toilet problem related to basic needs.
National Day travel is full of people, which also causes the complaints of netizens. Even it takes 15 minutes to go to the toilet in line at the big wild goose pagoda. What can I do to save you! Eight days of long vacation and staying at home is the truth. "
Let the toilet "go online", seemingly trivial, is actually a miniature of the national tourism industry with the times. The world's largest centralized tourism tide is about to start. The traffic volume of the national road network will remain at a high level and stable operation, with an increase of more than 10%; the road passenger traffic volume is expected to reach 560 million person times, with an average of 70.2 million person times per day; the waterway passenger traffic volume will reach 15.9 million person times, with an average of nearly 2 million person times per day. Even close to one tenth of the global population. China's tourism industry will change the global market pattern again!
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