Class 3A tourist toilet makes tourists more comfortable and satisfied!

Tourist toilet is an important symbol to measure the degree of civilization in a region. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people go out to travel, and "going to the toilet" has become a problem for many tourists. In the new standard of classification and evaluation of quality grade of tourist toilets issued by the National Tourism Administration, four-star, five-star and luxury toilets have been cancelled in the scenic spot, instead of environmental protection, practical, simple and sanitary toilets, and the evaluation grade has also been changed to 1a-3a. The toilets in tourist attractions will no longer be required to be "tall".
With the increasing popularity of Honghua lake, more and more tourists come to visit it. In order to improve the service quality of Honghua Lake scenic spot, improve the toilet environment, and create a national 5A level tourism environment, the scenic spot extensively solicits the opinions of experts, tourists and design units, unifies the design and logo, determines the exterior architectural style and indoor construction standards, and makes the logo more eye-catching, public information graphic symbols complete and recognizable. The upgraded toilets will be more practical and hygienic. Since August 13, the toilets in the scenic area have been closed and renovated according to 3A or 2A toilet standards. At present, the upgrading of three toilets has been completed and they have been opened to tourists.
After the official opening of class 3A toilets in the scenic spot, tourists have said that the internal environment of toilets is cleaner, cleaner, with bright light and no peculiar smell. The toilet is also more complete, such as the washing table with a mirror, but also add hand sanitizer, toilet paper, dryer and so on.
In addition, there are mother and baby rooms and toilets for the disabled in the scenic area.
Although toilets are not the main reason for tourists to choose tourist attractions, they directly affect tourists' intuitive impression of the scenic spot. Honghua Lake scenic area will guide tourists to take good care of public facilities, go to toilet in a civilized way, and strive to create a healthy and civilized tourism environment.