Today is World Toilet Day, Ministry of housing and urban rural development issues new standards for design of urban public toilets

Today is the fourth World Toilet Day established by the United Nations. "World Toilet Day" was proposed by the World Toilet Organization (WTO) in 2001 and officially established on July 24, 2013. Its main purpose is to advocate a clean, comfortable and sanitary environment for all.
Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of China issued the "design standard of urban public toilets", which states that clean and sanitary public toilets are the basic needs of the masses, directly reflecting the image and civilization of the city. With the rapid development of urbanization and the continuous growth of urban population, the total number of public toilets is insufficient, and the management level is not high, especially the shortage of female toilets needs to be solved.
In order to solve the above problems, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development organized the revision of the standard, counted the toilet time of 726000 people, conducted full research and analysis, and increased the proportion of women's and men's toilets to 3:2 in the newly released standard, and 2:1 in areas with large flow of people. This standard will be implemented on December 1, 2016, and will effectively alleviate women's toileting problems.
After the standard was released, there was almost a good voice on the Internet. Many netizens said it was great and strongly supported! This is an urgent problem!
Shanghai's first asexual toilet, located in Zhangjiabang green space in Pudong, is also officially open to the public today. The men's and women's cubicles are larger than ordinary public toilets, including 10 general-purpose toilets (6 sitting toilets and 4 squatting toilets) of unlimited gender. The door panel is equipped with LED display screen for "someone" or not. The height of the partition between the toilets is up to 2.8m, and there are functions such as music playing inside.
The reporters were waiting in three public places, all lined up with women's toilets
In reality, how about the use of male and female toilets in public places?
At 17:20 yesterday, the public toilets near exit b of the Wulin Square subway station were mainly used by passengers who were preparing to leave the station. Occasionally, there were subway station staff.
Distribution of toilets: 6 squatting positions for men's toilets, 4 urinals and 6 squatting positions for women's toilets.
Usage of men's and women's toilets in 15 minutes: in these 15 minutes, no matter men's or women's toilets, there are basically people going in and out. In the two or three minutes after the subway arrives at the station, the number of people coming to the toilets will suddenly increase. The maximum number of women's toilets going in at the same time is 4, and that of men's toilets going in at the same time is 3. In 15 minutes, there were 44 people in and out of the men's toilets; 40 people in and out of the women's toilets, 36 people, there was a phenomenon of waiting in line, with 3 people at most.
"When it comes to six o'clock or on holidays, the women's toilets line up badly! The door of men's toilet is often blocked, and men's toilet has not been in line Said Ms. Liu, a staff member of the subway station.
At 18:10, the underground food square of the Federation of industry and commerce, mainly consists of consumers, shop assistants and store staff who have been shopping since the toilet was used.
Distribution of toilets: 5 squatting positions for men's toilets, a long urinal (almost able to accommodate 5-7 men at the same time); 6 squatting positions for women's toilets.
Usage of toilets for men and women in 15 minutes: due to multiple toilets in the underground food plaza of the Federation of workers, the flow of people here is relatively small. Especially for men's toilets, sometimes no one goes in for two or three minutes, but the queuing in women's toilets is still serious. At most, five people wait outside for about three minutes. In 15 minutes, there were 25 people entering and 25 people leaving the men's room, 32 people entering and 27 people leaving the women's room.
At 19:05, the bridge was cut off and the public toilets were mainly used by tourists.
Distribution of toilets: 5 squatting positions for men's toilets, 6 urinals, 1 for special care; 12 squatting positions for women's toilets, 1 for special care.
Usage of men's and women's toilets in 15 minutes: because yesterday was a working day and the peak time of tour was over, there was no queuing phenomenon in both men's and women's toilets.
During the interview, the reporter found several interesting phenomena——
1. When a couple or husband and wife go to the toilet together, whether or not they have to wait in the toilet, the man usually waits outside after going to the toilet first.
2. Women will go to the toilet in twos and threes, and men will basically act alone.
3. Children like to go to the toilet with their mother. When the female toilet is full, the little girl will follow her father to the male toilet.
It's all suffocating!
On average, more than 10 underpants are discarded every day in the women's toilets of the broken bridge public toilets during the small and long holidays every year
Sister Shen, in her fifties, and her husband have worked together in the Duanqiao public toilet for more than four years. She is familiar with everything about the toilet. She found that the toilet has several characteristics——
In the four seasons of the year, the number of people going to the toilet is the most in summer, and the colder the day is, the fewer people are. "There are many tourists in summer, especially in summer vacation. In addition to the hot weather, there are a lot of water to drink." Said Sister Shen.
In a day, the most people go to the toilet around 11:00. "At this time, when there are many women toilets, they are all in the lower stairway. There are at least twenty or thirty people in the row. After 4:30 p.m., the number of people will gradually decrease. "
Every day, some people will dirty their underwear because of holding their urine. Yesterday, sister Shen cleaned three underpants in the garbage can of the women's toilet. Two of them were stained with feces and one with traces of urination. She said that this happens every day. There are many times during the long vacation. On average, there are more than ten underpants in one day. There are various colors of red, yellow and green. It's impossible to hold them. There will be male toilets, too, but few, up to two or three.