China's "toilet revolution" in tourism has attracted the attention of many countries in the world

Recently, the National Tourism Administration issued the China tourism development report 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report pointed out that the National Tourism Administration took the tourism toilet as the key point of tourism infrastructure improvement, and set off a national "toilet revolution". The Chinese toilet revolution has achieved remarkable results in more than one year, which has attracted the attention of many countries in the world.
According to the report, toilet is an important window of civilization, an essential basic element in the process of tourism, and a mirror to consider the management of social public services. For a long time, toilets have been the short board of China's social public service system and the most prominent weak link in the tourism industry, as well as the most intense problem reflected by the majority of tourists. For this reason, the national tourism administration regards the tourism toilet as the key point of improving the tourism infrastructure, setting off a national "toilet revolution", further improving China's tourism infrastructure, constantly meeting the needs of tourists, refining and improving the tourism quality.
In addition, since 2015, on the first working day after the Spring Festival every year, the National Tourism Administration will hold a national tourism toilet work site meeting. In addition, the guidelines for the construction and management of tourist toilets have been formulated, and the national standards for the classification and evaluation of the quality of tourist toilets have been revised and improved. The National Tourism Administration, together with the Ministry of land and resources and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, made clear the policies and measures to guarantee the land use of tourist toilets, and arranged a tourism development fund of 480 million yuan to focus on supporting the local toilet revolution. We will promote the innovation of the model of "building toilets by commerce, managing toilets by commerce, and maintaining toilets by commerce", and encourage enterprises to promote the long-term, brand and market-oriented management of toilet construction by means of contracted operation, advertising authorization, and commercial naming. Organize a series of activities, such as "toilet design competition", "tourism toilet special exhibition", "toilet revolution ten thousand mile trip", "World Toilet Day and China toilet revolution mobilization day", "China toilet revolution promotion day", and open online interview of toilet revolution to guide healthy and upward toilet culture.
The toilet revolution has been actively responded to and fully promoted by all parts of China and all sectors of society. At the same time, it has also attracted the attention of many countries in the world. In May 2015, when Li Jin, director of the National Tourism Administration, visited the world tourism organization, he suggested that Spain should also have a tourism toilet revolution. Rui Fayi, Secretary General of the world tourism organization, responded: "this is a very good idea." The Bill Gates Foundation of the United States has also actively contacted and is willing to provide technical and financial assistance for toilet construction in Western China.
According to the report, the toilet revolution in China has been carried out for more than a year with remarkable results. China is fully pushing forward the "toilet revolution", taking the construction and management of toilets as the key point and breakthrough to promote the construction of tourism public services. That is to say, we should think what tourists and the masses think, understand what tourists and the masses are in urgent need of, and the results of the toilet revolution will benefit tourists at home and abroad and the Chinese people.