"Toilet revolution" in creative creation

Introduction: the toilet revolution was first proposed by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), which is an initiative to help developing countries transform toilets. China's toilet revolution originated from rural problems. Subsequently, the public toilets in tourist attractions have also become an important goal of China's toilet revolution, and won the support of the National Tourism Administration. In the "515 strategy" for Tourism Development released at the 2015 National Tourism Working Conference, a special term "toilet revolution" was mentioned, and it was proposed that the "National Tourism toilet construction and management action" would be launched from 2015, and all the tourist toilets would reach the standard by 2017. Today's toilet revolution has set off a wave of creativity, becoming a scenic spot, but also a revolution related to image, industry and business model.
No.1 Beishui Town, Miyun, Beijing
Design highlighting human nature
In the activities of China toilet revolution Publicity Day sponsored by the National Tourism Administration, gubeishui town scenic spot was rated as "ten typical scenic spots of toilet revolution", the only scenic spot in the city. There are more than 50 public toilets in Gubei water town scenic area, with humanized mother and baby rooms and lounges all over the scenic area, loose sofas, seats and drinking fountains, light music, decorative paintings and flowers. The antique design style is integrated with the unique northern water town at the foot of the Great Wall, so that tourists can enjoy the pleasant time of leisure and vacation while going to the toilet.
The plastic floor laid in the toilet to prevent tourists from slipping, the double-layer shelf in front of some squatting positions for tourists to place large items, the exhaust fan ventilator and incense machine controlled regularly, and the washstand used to distinguish adults and children all enhance the meticulous experience of the star scenic area. In addition, provide convenient accessible toilets for the disabled, specially equipped with anti-bacterial handrails and induction cartons for the elderly, cartoon shaped garbage cans beside children's toilets and 24-hour hot water, showing the service attitude of tourists first everywhere.
No.2 Changbai Mountain Scenic Area, Jilin Province
Beauty has meaning
In the aspect of toilet appearance construction, Changbai Mountain is not limited to the traditional architectural form. It puts forward the concept of landscape structure, pays attention to the coordination of tourism toilet with surrounding landscape, local culture and art facilities, and highlights the beautification function, humanistic function and pleasure function of Changbai Mountain Tourism toilet.
The toilet in Changbai Mountain scenic spot adopts the foam blocking circulating water environmental protection technology, which makes "zero pollution, zero infiltration and zero discharge" possible, and makes it possible to meet the needs of tourists and save management costs. What's more, through the popular QR code, the scenic spot has established a convenient channel for interaction with tourists. Tourists are no longer just toilet users, but also become expositors. In the changeable weather, the advanced eco-environmental protection technology and unique management mode make the construction of Changbai Mountain Tourist toilet in the forefront of Jilin Province.
No.3 West Lake scenic spot, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
A new model of commercial toilet
The public toilets in the West Lake scenic spot have basically reached the standard of one person managing one toilet. The public toilets are kept clean for more than 16 hours and open to the public for 24 hours. There are 70 public toilets of 3 stars and above in the West Lake scenic area, all of which are required to reach the standard of more than 60 square meters and no less than 7 squatting positions. The highest density of the number of settings, so that the toilet easy to find, to meet the needs of millions of visitors to the toilet.
The toilet service provider is no longer limited to the scenic spot. The "intimate urban management" app provides toilet guidance to relieve the quantity pressure of commercial toilet, and social forces work together to solve the toilet problem. In order to make the residents and tourists feel that the toilets in Hangzhou are not only clean but also convenient, the urban management department also launched an app "intimate urban management" that can find toilets. Whether it's citizens or tourists, just download and open the app when you go out, enter the "service map" column, click the "nearby" button, you can see the surrounding public toilets, where the toilet address is, how far away from you, and guide you to the destination. The innovative toilet market operation mode provides new inspiration for toilet management in scenic spots. The 60 square kilometer West Lake always focuses on details and services, providing new possibilities for the toilet revolution
PPP mode
Everbright real estate launched the strategy of "large central enterprises, small toilets" and carried out a pilot project in Laoshan, Qingdao. Laoshan ecological toilet is a complex integrated with post station, catering, retail, parent-child entertainment and remote diagnosis and treatment. Although the toilet has a full sense of science and technology, it is not luxurious. The construction pays attention to practicality, and realizes the function of "free switch between men and women's side positions" in the peak period of toilet. The head of Laoshan Scenic Spot administration said that through PPP mode, social capital and technology were introduced to participate in the investment and operation of tourism supporting facilities, which changed the traditional way of investment, construction and management of public welfare infrastructure completely arranged by the government in the past, greatly saved the human and material resources investment of the government, effectively reduced the administrative operation cost and improved the quality of tourism public service. The "Golden Phoenix" is introduced to the small toilets, and the public service platform is built. The new mode of "building toilets by commerce, maintaining toilets by commerce, and managing toilets by commerce" is also gradually formed.
"Toilet" industrial chain
As the largest toilet operation company in China, the "fifth space" public toilet launched by Beijing Sanitation Group has always been in the spotlight. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from Beijing sanitation group that the public toilet is more like a micro business center instead of a single function that can only "solve internal emergency". Here, you can pay for water and electricity, withdraw money from ATM, buy hot drinks, and charge electric vehicles. Next, the "fifth space" public toilets will take the lead in four districts of Beijing, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Shunyi and Pinggu, as well as Guiyang, Haikou, Kunming and Zhangjiakou. In addition, according to the introduction, taking advantage of the business characteristics of the sanitation group, the fifth space toilet will open the whole toilet industry chain, such as promoting the development of organic agriculture and applying advanced technologies such as water circulation and manure directly into organic fertilizer.
"Internet +" toilet
The Yesanpo tourist attraction in Laishui County, Hebei Province, is equipped with the "Internet +" toilet transformation, free charging, Internet access and code scanning consumption, which makes tourists have a comfortable experience in the scenic area. This "Internet + tourism toilet" is a double-layer combined cabinet type toilet. The upper floor is a mobile toilet with five independent toilets. The technology of water-free washable toilet is adopted. The toilet with full sense of technology adopts water-free washable technology, which generates tiny foam through the foam generator, enters the sanitary ware to block the peculiar smell and lubricate the pipeline, completely replacing the function of water flushing toilet. At the same time, the biogas produced by the concentration of manure can be used for heating and cooking. The biogas residue can be used as farmyard manure, planting green and pollution-free vegetables, saving water, saving energy and not polluting the environment. Due to the patented technology of water-free and washable, the toilet here is tasteless and environmentally friendly, and the toilet and coffee shop have formed a joint venture. The lower floor is equipped with a small coffee shop and charging post, which can provide coffee service and car charging service for tourists, as well as free wifi. It can purchase tickets for scenic spots through QR code consumption.
We will give prominence to the overall planning of urban and rural areas, and create a global pattern. Six types of toilets, including urban and rural public toilets, shopping malls toilets, tourism toilets, transportation distribution center toilets, gas station toilets, and rural tourism point toilets, will be included in the construction and management of tourism toilets. The "tourism toilet open alliance" has been set up to encourage and guide government departments, enterprises and institutions to join the open alliance.
Innovate management mode and establish long-term mechanism. Adhere to the "combination of construction and management, focusing on management", constantly innovate the management and operation mode, and form a normalized and long-term management and operation mechanism. Actively explore the market-oriented management mode, implement classified policies, employ professional companies, government subsidies, government purchase services and other ways, consider the "construction, management and maintenance" mode innovation as a whole, and form a long-term mechanism for toilet management services. There are three main types of "building toilets by business and keeping toilets by business": first, keeping toilets in shops. Second, advertising toilet. Third, PPP mode.
We should take the lead of the government and strengthen policy support. We will increase public welfare toilet financing support, give full play to the role of municipal infrastructure financing platforms, and organize and carry out policy loans of 160 million yuan for toilet construction and reconstruction. The toilet construction will be included in the social and economic development plan, and policy support will be given in handling the toilet project planning and approval, and preferential treatment will be given in terms of taxes, electricity, water and gas. Combining the construction and management of tourist toilets with the construction activities of civilized cities and health cities, the toilet construction and management is regarded as an essential element in the promotion and evaluation of class a tourist attractions, tourist resorts and characteristic tourist destinations.
Source: People's daily, Beijing business daily, dagong.com and Dazhong daily