China's top public toilets will appear in Cangzhou City! Long! "Made in Cangzhou" on Mount Everest

Smart public toilet
First of all, let's talk about Cangzhou Tianrun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a toilet manufacturer. Located in the industrial park of Xinhua District, the enterprise is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service management. It has successively won awards and honors such as China's green environmental protection products, China's leading low-carbon environmental protection products, 2017 World Toilet Day event China toilet revolution and innovation Expo excellent demonstration project. There are too many famous names, but in general, they specialize in the research and development of microbial technology, and apply the technology to the production of eco-friendly toilets. The products are mainly suitable for the harsh outdoor environment without water and electricity, and large-scale parks and scenic spots in cities. Let's take a look at these beautiful and intelligent products——
"Made in Cangzhou" on Mount Everest
In 2017, in the Everest base camp, 5200 meters above sea level, climbers from all over the world used the foam block toilet made by enterprises in Xinhua District
Beijing has the first "smart public toilet"
In 2018, Beijing's first "smart public toilet" was put into use, which is also a high-tech and most functional product produced by Tianrun.
In the Beijing Aerospace Museum, the whole building with glass curtain wall is unimaginable that it is just a public toilet. This toilet is built in accordance with the 3A standard, becoming a bright spot in the scenic spot. Inside, "wisdom" is everywhere - Bio sensing probe, real-time monitoring system of ambient air quality, fresh air system "public toilet cloud", "Internet + management and control system", toilet paper machine for face recognition, squatting vacancy display and so on. At the same time, there are mother and baby room, the third toilet (for behavioral barriers The sexual design of the family members, especially the toilets used by the opposite sex. Among them, the biggest highlight is the use of "fresh air system", which can remove bacteria and deodorize the toilet circulation and keep the internal air fresh all the time.
Intelligent ecological environmental protection toilet located in the Expo Park
During this year's "World Horticultural Exposition in Beijing, China", our company completed the design and construction of 8 public toilets in 7 days, and our mature technology and fast service received unanimous praise.
"Ecological environmental protection" is popular
This year, Tianrun company has become a supplier of PetroChina. The eco mobile toilets produced in our area have become the first choice of 3700 drilling teams of PetroChina.
Container type environmental protection toilet used in oil field operation area
In view of the harsh environment of field construction and the environmental protection requirements for mobile toilets, our company has become a supplier of PetroChina by virtue of the self-developed circulating water flushing wet microbial process and solid-liquid separation dry microbial process. Up to now, more than 1000 container type eco-friendly mobile toilets have been transported to oil drilling areas in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shandong and other places for installation and use.
Ecological toilet in Hami area of Xinjiang
Nandagang wetland environmental protection toilet
At this stage, a new generation of smart toilets has been successfully developed and will soon be put into production. The first batch of new toilets are expected to be put into use in Cangzhou City.