Tianrun assembly building

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Since the State Council issued guidance to encourage prefabricated buildings in September last year, prefabricated buildings have set off an industrial revolution in construction mode and become a new bright spot in the economic development of all regions. With the development of the times and the progress of enterprises, in 2019, Tianrun company introduced a complete set of prefabricated construction production equipment and put it into production. The "industrial base of prefabricated buildings" has been approved by the State Council It is an important measure for the country to promote the modernization of the construction industry to establish the prefabricated construction industry base.
Prefabricated building is a kind of building assembled on the site with prefabricated components. It has the advantages of reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection, short construction period, large available space of the house, small restriction by climate conditions, labor saving and building quality improvement. Its seismic resistance is also higher than the cast-in-place concrete building of the same type. The prefabricated housing in western developed countries has developed to a relatively mature and perfect stage. Among them, the use of precast concrete structure in France has experienced more than 130 years of development. Some experts said that prefabricated building is a major change in China's construction industry.
The state promotes new construction technology:
In the eight key work, "promoting the breakthrough progress of prefabricated buildings" is listed as a separate article, which shows its importance. At the same time, Chen Zhenggao, Minister of housing and urban rural development, put forward that in 2016, we should make breakthroughs in prefabricated buildings. On the basis of full investigation, an action plan is made to promote prefabricated buildings in the whole country.
After a period of development, the technology and equipment of prefabricated buildings have become mature. Traditional buildings are directly constructed on the construction site, while prefabricated buildings are prefabricated in the factory, and then transported to the construction site for assembly. At present, prefabricated buildings are very popular in Japan, Europe and America. The prefabricated buildings in China are still in the initial stage. According to the requirements of the Ministry of housing and construction, by 2025, we will The proportion of prefabricated buildings in China is more than 50%.
Prefabricated buildings have been popularized around the world due to their fast construction speed and low cost:
From the perspective of the characteristics of prefabricated buildings, that is, more energy-saving, land-saving, water-saving, material saving, time saving, investment saving and environmental protection buildings, which are in line with the concept of circular economy, are good, economical and fast, and realize the transformation from extensive construction industry to high-end manufacturing industry, which is a profound change in the transformation and development of construction industry. No doubt, the quality of houses built by construction enterprises is the first priority, which is about "a hundred years plan". Houses should be weatherproof and solid. In the contemporary economic society, the construction concept needs to keep pace with the times, and the "centenary plan" needs to be stressed, but also efficiency, good fast virtuous circle and green building development.
Compared with traditional cast-in-place buildings, prefabricated buildings have many advantages:
Better quality - because all kinds of residential building components are made in batches in the factory, no longer in the wind and rain on site, and with professional technical support and inspection, the accuracy of building components has been improved by an order of magnitude, so the building quality is naturally much better.
Safer structure - the design principle of prefabricated housing is to separate the structural system from the equipment and pipeline system, ensuring that no matter how to repair, transform and replace the equipment and pipeline installation, the main structure of the housing will not be damaged, so the housing is safer.
More energy-saving heat preservation - the external wall heat preservation board of cast-in-place structure is generally external heat preservation. If the material or construction process is not qualified, there is a fire hazard, and it is easy to fall off from the external wall surface. If the external wall is prefabricated, the insulation board can be put into the concrete, which is commonly known as sandwich board. It has good fire performance, no falling off problem, and can achieve the same life of the insulation and the main structure.
Cangzhou Tianrun assembly building:
Tianrun assembly type environmental protection toilet adopts assembly type steel structure construction technology. The steel structure assembly type building has the advantages of ecological environmental protection, superior heat preservation and insulation performance, earthquake resistance and wind resistance, fast construction speed, etc. The main material is cold-formed thin-walled steel as the main keel, after accurate calculation and the support and combination of auxiliary parts, it plays a reasonable bearing capacity, to replace the traditional welded light steel structure and brick concrete structure.
Not only that, Tianrun is also actively promoting the industrialization of housing and R & D of prefabricated buildings. It is committed to changing the traditional construction process, moving the construction process of the house into the factory assembly line, and turning the construction site into the general assembly workshop of house manufacturing. Promote the large-scale, intensive and industrialized construction mode, effectively reduce the consumption of water, electricity, wood, etc., reduce construction waste, construction sewage, promote the new development idea of the combination of green building and low-carbon environmental protection concept.
According to relevant statistical data, compared with traditional cast-in-place buildings, prefabricated buildings can shorten the construction period by 25% to 30%, save water by about 50%, save wood by about 80%, reduce construction waste by more than 70%, significantly reduce construction dust and noise pollution, Cangzhou Tianrun environmental protection company actively promotes the development of light steel assembly industry, and continues to adhere to the policy guidance in urban construction We will continue to rely on industrial advantages, develop and improve assembly theory and technology, and continue to accept challenges to create more excellent projects for urban construction!