Tianrun environmental protection helps the toilet revolution in Hainan

A few days ago, Hainan customers searched the Internet, found Tianrun company and dialed the sales hotline. The purchase of environmental protection toilets is in a hurry. What should I do if there is no water, sewage pipe network and septic tank at the toilet installation site? Through communication with customers, ecological protection should be fully considered in the construction of public toilets. Finally, customers purchased the foam sealed environmental protection toilet, which can adapt to various outdoor environments and has no environmental pollution.
The construction period is tight and the task is heavy. In the hot summer, the outdoor temperature is approaching 40 degrees, and the surface temperature is approaching 45 degrees. The workers in the production department of Cangzhou Tianrun have not relaxed for a moment. The sweat has already soaked the back of the clothes and dripped down the corners of the clothes. In the scorching sun, the construction personnel of Tianrun company wiped off the sweat flowing down their faces and kept busy with the work at hand.
Details determine the success or failure, which is not only reflected in the work, but also in the production process of every small detail of the environmental toilet. From the frame welding anti-corrosion and derusting - internal and external wall construction - electrical equipment installation - roof and waterproof construction - ground and core equipment installation - commissioning and operation, each process is carefully done.
No matter it's cold or hot, Cangzhou Tianrun people are in the Tianrun standard all over the city, the countryside, the scenic spot, the park, the street. From Zhufeng in Tibet to Nianbaoyuze in Qinghai, from Dali in Yunnan to Sichuan, Guiyang, from Guangdong and Guangxi to Sanya, Haikou, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. Tianrun has been focusing on the cause of environmental protection toilets for 11 years. Footprints all over the country.