Assembly type environmental protection and energy saving toilet has become a new "Internet red"

Prefabricated buildings are not only used in residential, apartment, commercial and other fields, but also have penetrated into public toilets as early as before. In recent two years, it has been implemented and applied in many cities.
The assembled public toilets are also called ecological toilets. The light frame structure system is used to replace the traditional square tube steel field welding mode. The components required for the production of toilets in the factory are assembled on the construction site, greatly reducing the construction period and improving the performance of building stability.
Standard for construction of prefabricated toilets
All of them are class I standards and meet the national class I and class II standards. Class I standard public toilets.
Nowadays, people pay more attention to the third generation public toilets, such as "assembly toilets". No matter the appearance design or internal configuration, as well as the service function are very humanized.
The appearance of the toilet is new Chinese style, fresh and elegant. The outer wall adopts cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, covering an area of 100-125 square meters. For the convenience of women, the ratio of women's and men's toilets in public toilets is 2:1. In addition to the men's and women's rooms, the mother and baby room and the third bathroom are also set up, and there are convenient service facilities such as "wash face" toilet paper machine, washing liquid, dryer, shoeshine machine, ATM machine, WiFi, reading room, etc. In the toilet space for the disabled, there is also a special help alarm button.
Assembly toilet with full sense of Technology
The production parts of public toilets are all assembled on site, with short construction period, no need to excavate deep foundation, less waste generated in the construction process, greatly reducing environmental pollution; the external wall has five layers of structure, with functions of heat preservation, fire prevention, moisture removal, self-cleaning and anti depiction; the internal ventilation and lighting are good, and the window to floor ratio is 1:4, twice of the requirements of the specification. Central air conditioning is installed in the room. Each room has an independent air outlet and control panel, which takes the comfort experience of the human body when going to the toilet into consideration. In addition to the ventilator installed on the top, each toilet is equipped with a negative pressure strong exhaust system, and with a fragrance machine, the fragrance is sprayed every 8 minutes, and the toilet experience is excellent. The electronic screen displaying the temperature and humidity of the toilet is added in the toilet, which has a full sense of science and technology.
Assembly type environmental protection and energy saving toilet has become a new "Internet red"
With the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, prefabricated building has become a key construction industry in China. The modular construction mode meets the various needs of personalization and humanization, and also makes the assembly public toilets more time-saving and fast, with a high recovery rate after demolition and modification, which is convenient for batch development and production. The assembly type public toilet can be completed in only 2 days, which shows the rapid speed. Since 80% of the main parts of the prefabricated building structure are processed in the factory in advance and then transported to the construction site, the workers spliced the four plates and put them into use within two days.
Advantages of assembly toilet
The assembled toilet has the characteristics of green environmental protection, safety and durability, heat preservation and energy saving, quick construction, excellent earthquake resistance, sound insulation and ventilation, moisture absorption and odor absorption.