It turns out that the assembly type public toilets with super functions are like this

It turns out that the assembly type public toilets with super functions are like this

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After decades of reform and opening up, China's economic construction and people's livelihood have made great progress, and people's material and spiritual life are on the top level. Now, China has put forward the major decision of assembling public toilets, not only to change the city, but also to change the countryside. The change of an assembled public toilet not only reflects the change of the construction of a beautiful countryside, but also promotes the villagers' consciousness and enthusiasm of developing rural leisure tourism and advocating rural civilization.



What are the advantages of assembly toilets
No.1. The applicable ambient temperature range is - 30 ℃ to 40 ℃. The indoor space is larger and more flexible, equipped with more humanized facilities such as adult and children's washing table, makeup table, dry cell phone, air purification system, special passage for the disabled, disabled room, central air conditioning, etc.
No.2. Compared with traditional toilets, the materials and labor used in toilets are greatly reduced. Further reduce the cost, but also effectively reduce the pollution in the construction process, more saving.
No.3 complete functional facilities. Designer's careful design, the overall effect is more beautiful, looks more clean, function is particularly complete and more humanized.
No.4 assembly toilet can adopt integrated drainage floor drain, only need to connect water pipe, do not worry about scaling, and it is very solid.



No.5 Steel Structure public toilet adopts assembly construction technology, which has low construction cost, fast construction speed and little impact by climate conditions. The facade materials are made of imported building materials, which are moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, high fire rating and good air permeability.


In addition to the characteristics that assembly type public toilets can be disassembled and relocated at any time according to the site conditions, the national standard light steel frame modular installation is adopted for the main structure of the building, which has the characteristics of earthquake resistance, wind resistance, long service life, etc., and the service life of the overall frame structure can reach 50 years. The exterior wall adopts ecological wood, plastic wood or metal carved board or anticorrosive wood and other environmental protection materials, and the wall interlayer and roof are provided with thermal insulation layer.