What are the characteristics of intelligent environmental protection public toilets

This is a rapid development era, this is an era of artificial intelligence, so everyone has intelligent products, such as mobile phones, smart speakers, smart rice cookers, smart washing machines, smart TVs and so on. Intelligence has covered every aspect of our life. Even public toilets are moving in this direction. Today, we will learn about the characteristics of intelligent environmental protection public toilets.



AI in environmental protection public toilets
Some public toilets are equipped with intelligent face recognition devices. This greatly reduces the phenomenon of waste, and also reduces the phenomenon of some people taking away toilet paper maliciously. This point, for the management of public toilets, is very worthy of promotion.
Environmental toilet shows environmental protection
The traditional public toilets used to feel dirty and smelly. Especially in summer, there are more mosquitoes and flies, which makes people very confused. In addition, there are some people who do not speak of hygiene and civilization in the traditional public toilets, so it is convenient to get to the outside of the toilets and make people have no way to go.
More humanized design
For toilet users, we can clearly see the temperature and humidity in the toilet, and clearly know how many empty spaces there are. NO2. For the managers of public toilets, they can timely learn about various conditions inside the public toilets.
Eco friendly toilet easy to maintain
The maintenance of public toilets is also a big expense for the government. Every public toilet should be equipped with a manager or even two managers. If the eco-friendly toilets are used, the later maintenance costs are very low, and the hard work of the managers can be reduced.