How much is the price of mobile toilet quoted?

The price of mobile environment-friendly toilets is related to the treatment of structural forms. The mobile environment-friendly toilets can be divided into: monomer and conjoined environment-friendly toilets. According to the treatment methods, they can be divided into: microbial degradation type, water flushing straight drainage type, water free packaging type, foam plugging type, vacuum adsorption type, etc.
The mobile environmental protection toilet has a wide range of applications and diversified products. It has six series: Urban Street series, tourist attraction series, municipal garden series, traction and drag series, high altitude and cold series, new rural series, and a variety of different treatment options, which are suitable for various occasions.
Mobile public toilets adopt a variety of exterior design, according to different streets with different shapes, in coordination with the surrounding environment, the overall size and shape are different, refreshing
Product intelligence: with the improvement of science and technology and the upgrading of the industry, the application of intelligent products is more and more popular. From the intelligent voice broadcast system entering the door to the intelligent flushing equipment after entering the toilet, the intelligence of mobile toilet has been integrated into every place.
Environmental protection and pollution-free: all environmental protection toilets use pollution-free environmental protection materials, the frame adopts light steel structure, the interlayer adopts fire insulation board, the outer wall adopts metal carving board or aluminum plastic board material, which is solid and durable, green and environmental protection, and the internal facilities and equipment, such as lighting, toilet equipment, wash basin, waterproof layer and other materials, all use the products in the national energy conservation and environmental protection product purchase list 。
Durable: all light steel structures are composed of high-strength cold-formed thin-walled steel member system, and the members are made of double-sided galvanized steel anti-corrosion cold-rolled steel plate, effectively avoiding the influence of corrosion in the construction and use of light steel members, and increasing the service life of light steel members. The service life of the structure can be more than 50 years.
Less investment and short construction period: the environmental protection toilet is integrated with design and production through standardized and modular production of the factory. The R & D and Design Department of the factory makes customized design according to the actual needs of customers and the surrounding environment of the installation site. The design scheme confirmed by the customers is submitted to the production department. The production department operates according to the standard assembly line of light steel structure construction. The production cycle is generally 7-10 calendar Days.
Cangzhou Tianrun, based on the concept of product technology innovation and customer first, provides customers with the best quality intelligent products. The intelligent systems configured in the intelligent environmental protection toilet include: intelligent voice broadcast system, intelligent temperature control system, intelligent sensing equipment, air purification system, intelligent lighting system, LED display system, intelligent voice broadcast system, etc. these configurations can be based on the customers The actual requirements of customers are customized production and configuration closely related to the quotation of toilets. For more detailed quotation, you can click to consult online customer service for your quotation.