Container type intelligent environmental toilet with warm winter and cool summer

Container type intelligent environmental toilet with warm winter and cool summer

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Oil well workers working underground in Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu and other oilfields are working in the front line. In the living area on one side of the well pad, new intelligent environmental protection mobile toilets are arranged in a row, with central air conditioning, microbial degradation treatment system, electric heating, air purification system, automatic ventilation, power-off heating system It provides a clean and comfortable toilet environment for the oil well workers working in the front line deep in the mountain.
Oil production areas are mostly located in the gullies of the loess plateau or where the environment is relatively poor, the traffic is inconvenient, and the working environment of oil workers is difficult. Before the toilet around leakage, hot in summer and cold in winter. In the hot summer to go to the toilet hot sweat, in the cold winter to think about going to the toilet is one of the things we all promote. Rock wool is used as insulation material in warm and high temperature areas, polyurethane foam insulation board is used as insulation material in cold and extremely cold areas. Now the new camping house intelligent environmental protection mobile toilet is equipped with central air conditioning and electric heating, as well as air purification system. No matter how bad the weather, petroleum workers can comfortably solve a "life event". The first-line drilling workers exposed a new type of environmental protection toilet in the stick bar, exclaiming that the life of the first-line brothers is getting better and better.
This camping house intelligent environmental protection mobile toilet adopts wet microbial treatment technology:
It has enough strength to meet frequent hoisting, convenient for rapid relocation of drilling crew, and its service life is 10 years;
The hoisting position shall meet the loading and unloading requirements of crane and special moving, and the overall dimension and weight shall meet the requirements of road transportation;
After treatment, the waste water can be reused for flushing again,
Each system adopts modular design and simple installation;
The biodegradation treatment system is automatic control, fully automatic operation, and no special person is required to take care of it;
Equipped with reasonable thermal insulation structure and temperature control system,
Equipped with air circulation system to keep the air in the toilet fresh and suitable for the senses;
The whole system is stable and reliable, and has no impact on the surrounding environment;
The core components shall be standardized to facilitate maintenance or replacement;
Equipped with power-off heating system (independent module), convenient for disassembly and assembly, to meet the needs of winter relocation in cold areas.
The final discharged residue and sewage meet the discharge standard.
Safety and environmental protection:
(1) the materials used for interior decoration and furniture meet the relevant green health certification standards of the State Bureau of technical supervision.
(2) all equipment shall be installed with leakage protector, grounding terminal and prefabricated grounding pile, and wiring shall fully consider power demand and increase safety factor.
(3) ensure that the electrical equipment and lines in the barracks have good performance, insulation, safety and reliability, and there is no potential accident.
(4) fire and lightning protection measures shall be safe and reliable; (fire rating 4)
(5) non toxic, tasteless and flame-retardant safety, health and environmental protection materials shall be used for indoor furniture and decoration materials.
(6) each room shall be equipped with 2.5kg dry powder fire extinguisher and emergency light.
Wet microbial treatment technology or dry microbial treatment technology can be used in the intelligent environmental protection mobile toilet of camping house. The wet microbial technology adopts the technology of unit membrane and biological mobile fecal sewage treatment system which combines biological treatment and membrane separation to treat fecal sewage. In the process of biological treatment, ZBR biological treatment reactor is used as the core technology, adding high-efficiency review of biological agents, using the metabolism of microorganisms under aerobic conditions to complete the decomposition of organics and the synthesis of organisms, (CO 2), liquid products (water) and solid products rich in organics (microbial community or microbial sludge); in the process of biological degradation, the production of The raw solid materials are removed by sand filter and activated carbon filter. Using high-quality membrane reactor to treat the biological wastewater can effectively remove the suspended solids, colloids, fungi, etc., so that the treated water can reach the standard of reclaimed water reuse.
Dry microbial technology uses the domesticated composite microorganisms to carry out ecological degradation treatment of feces, without water flushing, reaching the zero emission standard. The two microbial treatment technologies can be used in different environments respectively to meet the needs of frequent hoisting and moving of drilling crew.