Continue to push forward the toilet revolution in 2019 and solve the problem of rural toilet

Continue to push forward the toilet revolution in 2019 and solve the problem of rural toilet

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The toilet is only a few square meters, but it's a big project to change it. It has been a major livelihood problem for rural residents that "it is difficult to go to the toilet". The infrastructure construction in rural areas is weak, which is limited by the conditions of water supply, power supply, sewer network, heating and antifreeze, so it is difficult for rural families to build water flushing toilets. In view of this difficulty, the enterprise has developed a rural courtyard toilet with special carrier instead of water flushing. This toilet is suitable for areas without water, electricity or water resources



Rural toilet revolution
The reform of the rural toilet is the result of the toilet revolution near the city toilet and in the scenic spot. The rural area is the largest area in China. The farmers all use the traditional dry toilet, and the rural toilet revolution is to completely transform these traditional dry toilets into clean and sanitary environmental protection toilets.
The past of rural toilets
As you all know, most of the previous rural areas were open-air dry toilets, which were hot and easy to breed bacteria. If they were not treated for a long time, they would cause disease transmission and seriously harm the health of farmers. Therefore, the country started the "toilet revolution" project in 2017, and in 2018, the toilet problem in rural areas was raised to the highest level. In order to improve the toilet problem in rural areas, many areas also added Fast "change toilet" progress.
In the past, detection was very common in rural areas, and there were many disadvantages in rural dry toilets. Firstly, the facilities for welding toilets were simple, the environment was poor, and it was easy to nourish bacteria and parasite eggs, breed mosquitoes and flies, and it was very easy to infect diseases. 80% of the infectious diseases in rural areas were caused by feces and water pollution. On the other hand, patients in rural areas will affect the overall environment of rural areas. The smell is often diffuse in rural areas, and the environment is seriously damaged. Therefore, the elimination of dry toilets is the trend of the times and the requirement of new rural construction in China.


The present of rural toilet
Now, it has entered 2019, and many measures formulated last year have also been formally implemented on January 1 this year. For example, the "law on prevention and control of soil pollution" related to land pollution and the "measures for quality management of rural roads" related to rural roads, while the amendment to the "land contract law" most concerned by rural areas was also reviewed on December 29, 2018, and formally implemented from January this year.
Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, together with eight departments, issued the guiding opinions on promoting the special action of "toilet revolution" in rural areas (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which also means that in 2019, a new round of "toilet revolution" will come again, and the problem of "dirty, disorderly and poor" in rural areas will be improved.