China set off "toilet revolution": how to have better toilets in rural areas?

Small toilets, big strategies and key links to poverty alleviation. The "toilet revolution" has improved the quality of life of rural residents, but in the poor areas, many poor people still use the toilets shared by people and animals, and the drinking water for people and animals has not reached the standard, which directly affects the health status and quality of life of the poor people. Moreover, many poor households who set up files and set up cards in rural areas are poor because of illness.
In the past, the impression of rural toilets was dirty, messy and poor. Many rural toilets were mostly square pits made of cement or open septic pools mixed with urine and feces. The environment was very bad.
According to the public data, by the end of 2013, China had invested 8.27 billion yuan in the renovation of rural toilets. In December 2014, Xi Jinping, President of the people's Republic of China, said in a survey in Jiangsu that it is of great significance to solve the problem of toilets in the construction of new countryside. In the strategic plan for Rural Revitalization (2018-2022) issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in September 2018, the rural "toilet revolution" is also the focus of rural residential environment transformation.
What is harmless transformation of rural household toilets?
The innocuous transformation of rural household toilets means that the transformed toilets will basically reach "four haves and four have nots":
There are walls, roofs, doors and windows, moulded septic tanks;
The toilet is basically clean without maggots, peculiar smell, leakage of the septic tank, and harmless treatment of feces.
There are mainly the following types of rural sanitary toilets: three format septic tank type toilets, double urn tank type toilets, septic diversity type ecological toilets, biogas tank type toilets, etc. Product processing technology: water flush direct discharge type, water flush storage type, packing type toilet and water flush drawer dual-purpose toilet.
The inner and outer walls of Tianrun toilet are made of high-quality fire-resistant color steel plates, with a service life of up to 10 years. The toilet can fully ensure the firmness of the product, and at the same time meet the requirements of hoisting, shoveling, manual handling and installation in place.
The internal facilities of the toilet are simple and practical. When the toilet is used, there is no feces stored below. There is no visual pollution and olfactory pollution, and the odor can be effectively suppressed.
1. Humanized design, large space, convenient use and comfortable toilet.
2. Strong UV resistance, not easy to fade, stain is not sticky, easy to clean.
3. The product is thick, safe, firm and durable.
As the production enterprise of mobile toilet, Tianrun is obliged to vigorously carry out the rural toilet revolution and improve the environment of farmers' toilet.
Warm tips of Tianrun environmental protection toilet: at the same time, pay attention to sanitation, do not damage public toilets, and jointly create a warm and civilized toilet environment.