Three items to be paid attention to in toilet decoration

Mobile toilets have been built and renovated in many cities, streets, scenic spots and rural areas. What should we pay attention to when decorating the interior of toilets?
1. Antiskid and waterproof;
As a public facility, mobile toilet is an essential part of our daily life. Because there are so many interactions with water, the floor of toilet must be antiskid and waterproof.
Second, ventilation;
The ventilation problem is mainly caused by the smell and water vapor when we solve the physiological problems. If we don't pay attention to the ventilation, it is easy to cause the ground wall to get moldy. A set of exhaust fan is installed in the toilet, and it is necessary to install a reverse gate to prevent the dirty air from flowing back.
Third, the laying of circuit;
All circuit joints in the toilet shall be hung with tin, and then wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape, which is safer. All switches and plugs should be equipped with moisture-proof boxes to ensure safety!