What are the materials of environmental protection mobile toilets

What are the materials of environmental protection mobile toilets

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Mobile toilet is named for its mobility. It is opposite to the traditional fixed toilet! Compared with the traditional toilet, the advantage is very obvious! The mobile toilet is not limited by any working environment, with light structure and reasonable color matching.
It is suitable for railway stations, wharves, tourist attractions, villas, parks, new communities, large construction sites, squares, densely populated public places and busy commercial streets. Mobile public toilets have the advantages of mobility, combination and convenient transportation. In addition, the service life of mobile toilets is also a topic that many people are very concerned about, such as the selection of environmental protection materials, long service life, beautiful materials, etc., while the mobile toilets not only use human-oriented design in materials and internal settings, but also make great efforts in dealing with different environmental areas.
The main materials for making mobile toilets are:
1. Exterior wall materials: glass curtain wall, plastic wood, stainless steel, color steel plate, anticorrosive wood, aluminum plastic plate, metal carved plate, etc.
2. Interior decoration: imitated marble crystal board, carved board, aluminum-plastic board, color steel plate, stainless steel plate and other materials. Materials can also be selected according to customer needs.
3. Main structure: light steel keel welding is used to reduce the weight of the toilet and ensure the stability of the toilet.
4. Treatment technology: high pressure gas water flushing type, wet microbial type, dry microbial type, vacuum absorption type, foam plugging type, packing type, water-saving flushing type, etc.
5. Internal configuration: squatting pan, urinal, hand washing table, toilet paper box, clothes hook, trash can, power assist handrail, energy saving lamp, unmanned indicator lock, etc.
6. Optional configuration: cold and warm air conditioning, intelligent system, face recognition system, fresh air purifier, automatic insulation system, background music, emergency button, led Chinese and English "unmanned" indicator light.