Toilet revolution bonus highlights the praise of foreign tourists

"I didn't expect that the toilets in Chinese scenic spots are so humanized, not only in line with international standards, but also beyond the tourist toilets in many countries." Chantel, from Canada, made such an exclamation after experiencing the third bathroom in Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic spot this Spring Festival. The reporter learned that with the over completion of the three-year plan for the toilet revolution and the full opening of the new three-year plan, many inbound tourists have experienced the new face of Chinese toilets in the Spring Festival holiday just past.
Foreign tourists enjoy the bonus of toilet revolution
During the Spring Festival, family tourists from Germany, Australia, Canada, Russia and other 10 countries came to Dali, Yunnan Province. When they experienced the third bathroom in Dali scenic area, they thumbed up one after another. In addition to the necessary facilities in the third bathroom, there are safety grab, call button, wheelchair turning channel, children's sitting position, baby care desk, children's safety seat, etc. Mike, from Australia, said: "I didn't expect that the toilets in Chinese scenic spots are so humanized, not only in line with international standards, but also beyond the tourist toilets in many countries.
These changes are hard won. Once upon a time, when it comes to tourist toilets, many tourists at home and abroad will associate with the pungent smell and dirty ground. In a long period of time, the faster the development of tourism, the more obvious the "short board" of tourist toilets is. In 2015, the National Tourism Administration launched the "toilet revolution", determined to make up the toilet. From 2015 to 2017, the National Tourism Administration promoted the completion of the "three-year plan of toilet revolution", with a total of 70000 tourist toilets newly built, reconstructed and expanded throughout the country. "Toilet revolution" has brought many surprises to tourists, "there are sofas and TVs in the toilet", "fragrance in the toilet", "perfect mother and baby facilities in the toilet" Tourists are increasingly feeling the effect of "toilet revolution".
Complete toilet supporting services effectively improve the satisfaction of tourists
During the Spring Festival holiday this year, the number of tourists across the country reached a new high, and the tourist satisfaction of major scenic spots remained high, among which the "toilet revolution" played a great role.
During the Spring Festival, while many tourists are playing happily in the scenic spot, they find that the toilets of the Ecological Sightseeing Park in the park are decorated with a lot of children's fun and equipped with some baby products, which are specially designed by the park according to the characteristics of more children in the Ecological Sightseeing Park. In addition, in view of the rainy and snowy weather, the scenic spot has laid anti-skid mats on the toilet steps and set up striking anti-skid tips, which makes the tourists feel very intimate.
At the Everest base camp in Tibet on the roof of the world, bill, a tourist from the United States, said: "the solar powered car toilet here is so convenient to use, with good heat preservation and no peculiar smell." when learning that the toilet not only saves water and environmental protection, but also achieves zero pollution and emission, a large number of overseas tourists gave a thumbs up and praised "wonderful!"
At the same time, Huangshan is facing rainy weather during the Spring Festival this year. For this reason, all toilets in the scenic spot have been paved with foot pads and anti-skid carpets, signs and warnings have been added, and a special person has been assigned to give verbal reminders, so as to turn on the heater and ground blower to remove moisture. It is worth noting that, in view of the long waiting time of women's toilets and the low utilization rate of some men's toilets, the scenic spot also arranges special personnel to close the men's toilets in time and intermittently for women's use, so as to alleviate the difficulty of women's toileting in peak hours.
In the Changbai Mountain scenic spot of Jilin Province, in order to ensure the convenience of the visitors to go to the toilet during the Spring Festival, the scenic spot has revised and improved the working standards of the toilet cleaner and the post responsibilities of the toilet cleaner, established the daily inspection system of the toilet, and adhered to the "eight minute cleaning method", that is, the garbage should be cleaned up in time by the staff of the scenic spot within eight minutes of landing. The cleaner should not only do a good job of cleaning, but also provide smiling service. When encountering tourists during the Spring Festival, they should warmly greet them and actively respond to their inquiries.
It is these measures that provide basic guarantee for tourists' satisfaction and basic support for the smooth operation of the spring festival tourism market. The toilet revolution is not a trivial matter. On November 21, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions to the toilet revolution, and the tourism industry was encouraged. At the end of 2017, the national tourism administration put forward the "new three-year plan of toilet revolution". From 2018 to 2020, it is planned to build, reconstruct and expand 64000 tourist toilets nationwide. This year is the beginning of the new three-year action plan of "toilet revolution". According to the National Tourism Administration, the "toilet revolution" still has a long way to go. The National Tourism Administration and local tourism departments are taking more pragmatic and efficient measures to further promote the "toilet revolution" and strive to build more perfect tourism services for tourists.