"Toilet revolution" to improve the happiness index of mountain people

"Toilet revolution" to improve the happiness index of mountain people

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On November 19, the National Tourism Administration released the list of advanced units since the implementation of the "three year action plan of toilet revolution" in 2015. Chengde and 10 cities including Harbin, Chengdu and Xi'an won the "excellent city award of toilet revolution".
In 2016, with the opportunity of Chengde to be listed as the second batch of national "global tourism demonstration zone" founders, the city expanded the tourist toilets from the scenic spot to the whole area with the new concept of global tourism and guided by the global tourism development plan. Taking the opportunity of holding provincial and municipal tourism development conference, the city has realized the demonstration drive of North and South wings. In Xinglong, Luanping, Fengning, Weichang, Yudaokou ranch and other places hosting the tourism development conference, more than 200 class a tourism toilets have been built, achieving the goal of "North South linkage, two wings flying together, demonstration driven, and overall development". The additional effect of these opportunities makes the "toilet revolution" unfold in full swing unconsciously, which has a glorious historical moment.
Hebei provincial tourism system actively promotes the National Tourism Administration's Guide to toilet revolutionary technology and equipment. According to local conditions, we should promote the application of new toilet technologies, new energy and new materials, widely apply technologies such as circulating water flushing, micro water flushing, vacuum air flushing, water flushing, biodegradable foam, deodorization and sterilization, and focus on solving the toilet problems in Taihang Mountain, Yanshan mountain, Bashang Area and rural areas. In the selection of sanitary ware and decoration, we adhere to the recyclable concept of energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection, so as to make the tourist toilet more economical, more environmentally friendly, more convenient, more humane and easier to maintain.
Innovative application of "Internet + toilet" technology, intelligent management, promotion of toilet digital map, app and other innovative means of management services, integration into Hebei Tourism cloud big data center, to solve the "difficult to find toilet", "difficult to use toilet" and other problems.






This Fengning project is a comprehensive application of microbial water recycling treatment process, microbial treatment, low-temperature heat tracing and other technologies. Microbial treatment technology solves the emission problem, three-dimensional heat preservation and low-temperature heat tracing solve the low-temperature problem of equipment, equipment bypass and storage technology solve the problem of centralized toilet, three-dimensional deodorization technology solves the problem of peculiar smell. Using high-quality membrane reactor to treat the biological wastewater can effectively remove the suspended solids, colloids, fungi, etc., so that the treated water can reach the standard of reclaimed water reuse. This toilet truly achieves energy conservation and environmental protection. And by the local residents and tourists alike.
Tianrun people believe that through careful design, careful research and careful manufacturing, they will be able to provide customers with satisfactory products.
The main body of the toilet is galvanized square steel, crystal board, calcium silicate board, equipped with stainless steel sanitary ware, three-dimensional deodorization and intelligent insulation system. Toilet as a whole not only has the characteristics of heat insulation, fire and sound insulation, but also earthquake resistance, wind resistance and corrosion resistance.
The overall construction speed of the project is fast, it can be disassembled and reused, the construction period is short, the exterior is clean and the interior facilities are perfect. Thanks to the toilet renovation project, Fengning County is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, strolling around the streets and lanes, bringing fresh air, simple folk customs and happy smiles that people can't hide!