Smart mobile toilet

With the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, and the constant change of toilets, the application of new technologies will be more popular. Before the roadside scenic spots are common traditional public toilets. Now the new intelligent ecological toilet, mobile public toilet, the third toilet, assembly toilet, science and technology public toilet and ecological environmental protection toilet are constantly refreshing people's eyes. , thus subverting people's traditional impression of public toilets.
First, let's talk about the smart mobile public toilet. There is a touch screen at the door of the public toilet. Click different buttons, you can achieve the functions of public toilet administrator clock in, toilet equipment repair and so on. Toilet users can also rate public toilets. After submitting the opinions, they can see the opinions in the background for timely improvement. In the future, the touch screen of smart public toilets can also find out which public toilets are nearby. When the public toilets where the toilet users are located are full, they can choose the public toilets that are not waiting in line nearby.
In addition, there are public toilets for photovoltaic power generation and environmental protection. The roof is equipped with 5 kilowatt hours of photovoltaic power generation equipment, which can not only meet the daily power consumption of public toilets, but also store extra power. Each toilet is also equipped with an air vent, and a non power exhaust system is adopted through the pipeline to keep the air fresh. The toilet can also remotely control the opening of windows and skylights. Water for daily hand washing will also be collected for toilet flushing. There is a bigger environmental protection secret hidden in the partition of each toilet - they are the handle of broom discarded by sanitation workers after cleaning the road for use, and then reused after high-temperature treatment.
High tech ecological toilets can display the total flow of people in public toilets, whether there are people in each toilet, water consumption, electricity consumption and other information by means of information technology.
Today's environmental protection toilets need the integration of new technologies, materials and processes, which can improve the service function of toilets, save resources and funds, reflect green, ecological and environmental protection, and improve the public service level as a whole. We will use science and technology to accelerate toilet construction, improve toilet management and optimize toilet services.
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