How to solve the problem of deodorization in mobile toilets?

In the past, when people mentioned toilets, they felt very disgusted. When they thought of going to public toilets outside, they were very scared. In the past, there was no treatment for the excrement of the latrine. The stink was so bad that bacteria, mosquitoes and flies grew. It is easy to be used as a source of infection for various diseases. The modern mobile toilet solves the problem of using three-dimensional deodorization technology in this hard to run mobile toilet, adding blocking and ventilation devices to pipes, toilets, toilets and other parts to deodorize, so as to achieve no peculiar smell.
I. there is no running, emitting, dripping or leaking on the pipeline connection.
2. Each toilet shall be equipped with a ventilator for forced ventilation.
3. Install louvers on the toilet door and ventilation windows on the back wall of the toilet to form air convection.
4. Add microbial community to the flushing water to degrade and deodorize the solid fecal sewage.
The mobile toilet uses the circulating water to flush the toilet, and uses the Biodegradation Technology to deal with the excrement. First, the clean water flowing continuously in the urinal flushes the excrement into the active circulation room, then pushes the water flow through the air, and activates the bacteria at the same time. Next, the gas, liquid and solid are stirred, the microorganism decomposes the excreta efficiently, the excreta is decomposed thick, the treated water is stored as the purified water, and some of the quantitatively treated water will be stored in the storage room, and the finally purified odorless water will be recycled. The water quality of the circulating flushing toilet can reach the following level: colorless, tasteless and sterile.
The mobile toilet sewage pipe and the environment without the need of excrement cleaning and transportation equipment can truly achieve low water consumption, pollution-free, mobile, energy saving and environmental protection.
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