Nanjing will carry out the "public toilet revolution": 645 public toilets will be reconstructed and a new third toilet will be added

Zhongshan scenic spot plans to expand 9 public toilets this year.
This year, Nanjing will carry out the "public toilets revolution" in the city, renovating and releasing 645 new urban public toilets, meeting the class II and above standards; upgrading the public toilets around the bustling places, tourist attractions and main roads, meeting the class I standards. In addition, Nanjing will completely ban the public dry latrines in the urban area and set up a number of movable public latrines. The Nanjing municipal government yesterday announced the implementation plan for the revolution of public toilets in Nanjing.
Implementation plan
Increase the proportion of women's toilets and build a number of high-quality public toilets
The plan calls for comprehensive upgrading and transformation of urban public toilets. We will implement new standards for public toilets, and upgrade and transform public toilets for sanitation. When women go out, they often need to line up to go to the toilet. When they meet holidays or go to crowded places, it takes a lot of time to go to the toilet. The reporter noted that the plan clearly proposed to increase the proportion of female toilets, standardize the size of toilets, set up independent toilets, improve barrier free facilities, improve ventilation, lighting, deodorization conditions. Automatic induction flushing device is preferred, and new technologies and materials of water saving and energy saving are adopted. Set up a cleaner management room and tool room, improve the guide signs of public toilets, and beautify the internal and external environment of public toilets.
Nanjing will also build a number of high-quality public toilets, upgrade bustling places, tourist attractions, public toilets around the main road, build public toilets with perfect functions, advanced environmental protection, novel and beautiful appearance, create a public toilet culture, and achieve a view of one toilet. The third toilet is set up to facilitate the toileting of special objects. This year, the public dry latrines will also be checked and banned, and they will be completely eliminated in cities and towns through renovation, transformation and demolition. The public toilets in the city shall meet the standards above class II. At the same time, a batch of movable public toilets will be set up in addition to the park, green space, square and footpath systems. In areas with large flow of people and prominent demand for toilets, a batch of movable public toilets will be set up.
In the future, the public tourists in Nanjing will also be more "intelligent" when going out to use the toilet. The plan proposes to use the smart city management app to realize the functions of map to find, use and evaluate the toilet, and include the public toilets in the urban commercial area, transportation hub and public activity place into the evaluation system.
Public toilets shall be reconstructed by stages and batches, and temporary public toilets shall be set up
According to the plan, before the end of February, Nanjing city and district respectively set up a public toilet revolution leading group, with the deputy mayor in charge of the municipal government as the group leader and the director of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau as the Deputy group leader. Before the end of March, organize site survey, prepare new reconstruction plan and temporary toilet setting plan during construction, and complete project approval.
According to the plan, by the end of October this year, the design review of drawings will be completed, temporary alternative public toilets will be set up, and construction will be organized. Specifically, at least 1 / 3 of the projects will be started in April, at least 2 / 3 of the projects will be started in June, all the projects will be started in August, and at least 1 / 3 of the projects will be completed at the same time. In October, all 645 public toilets listed in the 2017 long-term comprehensive management target responsibility statement will be completed. Before the end of October, the public toilets shall be inspected and accepted by different batches, and the inspection and acceptance shall be reported to the Municipal Leading Group Office. Before the end of November, the Municipal Leading Group Office shall organize an expert acceptance team to conduct a comprehensive inspection and spot check on the construction data of public toilets, and organize the assessment of public toilets.
In particular, the scheme requires full consideration of the problem of public toilets during the construction period, and the public toilets in the same area shall be reconstructed in stages and batches; if there is no alternative public toilets nearby, temporary public toilets shall be set up, and the funds shall be included in the budget and bidding, and the guidance and sign setting work of alternative public toilets shall be done well.
Reporter visit
Zhongshan scenic spot plans to expand 9 public toilets this year
The reporter noted that "the third toilet" was mentioned in the plan. It is understood that "the third toilet" is also called "family toilet" to solve the problems of some special objects, such as family members of different genders going out together, one of them can't take care of himself or inconvenient to go to the toilet. It mainly refers to that the daughter assists the old father, the son assists the old mother, the mother assists the little boy and the father Help the little girl and so on.
The reporter found in the interview that the scenic spots such as Zhongshan Mausoleum and Confucius Temple had already carried out the new construction and transformation of the "third toilet". This year, Zhongshan scenic spot plans to complete the reconstruction and expansion of 9 tourist toilets, including the No.1 toilet of Pipa Lake, the toilet of Meihua Valley parking lot, the toilet of Meihua Art Center (outside), the toilet of Bo'ai garden, the toilet of Sun Square, the toilet of Linggu Temple parking lot, the toilet in stone pillars, the toilet of jinshuiqiao, the toilet of Sports Park, etc., increase the third toilet, reasonably set up functional areas, improve the disabled and the mother The facilities for infants, children, ventilation, sewage discharge, etc. have reached AAA level in an all-round way. "At present, three public toilets in Jinshui bridge, shizhumen and meihua Art Center in Xiaoling of Ming Dynasty have been expanded to the third toilet integrating barrier free facilities, mother and child facilities and children's facilities, which has been put into use during the Spring Festival." Sun Yat Sen Cemetery Management Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the landscaping office, said.
In May 2015, the special action of tourism public toilets revolution was launched in Fuzimiao scenic area, which not only renovated 8 new public toilets and 1 new public toilet, but also added the third toilet in 6 public toilets. After the renovation, the number of toilets reached 362, an increase of more than 100. The reporter learned from the Qinhuai scenery belt Administration Bureau of Fuzi Temple that the area of 8 public toilets in the core scenic area of Fuzi Temple has reached more than 80 square meters. In the subsequent renovation, the 5 public toilets were reconstructed according to the AAA tourist toilet standard, while the remaining 3 public toilets were renovated according to the class a toilet and the environment was optimized.
Reporter Huang Huan Duanmu