The first asexual toilet built in Shanghai

On October 25, 2016, the reporter learned from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of green city appearance that the construction of the first public toilet without sex in Shencheng is nearing the end, which is expected to be put into trial operation in late November, i.e. "World Toilet Day". The toilet will be managed by special personnel. If the trial operation is in good condition, it will not be excluded to open 24 hours later
According to Fu Liping, deputy director of Shanghai city appearance and environmental quality monitoring center, this toilet without gender restriction is located in the public green space at the intersection of Pudong South Road, Zhangjiabang, Pudong New Area.
The asexual toilet is different from the fully enclosed common public toilet. It is open and looks like a light display area from a distance, but you can see the compartment when you walk in. The asexual public toilet on Pudong South Road is designed with 6 toilet cubicles, 4 squatting cubicles and male urinals.
Considering privacy and safety, the area of the cubicle is larger than that of the common public toilets. After entering the cubicle, the door panel will remind other toilet visitors that "there are people inside". At the same time, the partition between the cubicles is designed with a baffle of more than 2.30 meters. According to Fu Liping, the purpose of setting up gender free public toilets is to scientifically allocate the ratio of men's and women's toilets and solve the problem of women waiting too long in line.